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Gloves make a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed year after year. But buying gloves for a loved one can be difficult if you don’t know their glove size. Asking them to measure and confirm their glove size is the easiest way to avoid disappointment, yet spoils the surprise of the gift. So, how do you guess someone’s glove size?

We recommend asking a family member or friend with a similar size hand to measure their own hand. This can offer a starting place to work from.

Alternatively, start with the assumption that the person is a size medium and then answer the below questions to determine if you need a smaller or larger size.

Please note both of these suggestions provide simplified solutions that don’t work all of the time. They are just basic guidance and don’t replace the accuracy of a proper glove measurement.

Question 1: Height – Are they tall or short?

A taller person might require a larger size of glove, whereas a shorter person might need a smaller size.

Question 2: Arms – Are their arms long or short?

Long arms might better suit a longer glove, while shorter arms might look better with a shorter glove.

Question 3: Hand size - Are their hands large or small?

Again, large hands would benefit from our larger sizes of glove, rather than small hands that would be best in a smaller size.

Question 4: Hand shape - Are their hands long or wide?

Different to the size of the hand, this looks at the shape of the hand. Hands that are particularly long or wide could be most comfortable in a large size.

Question 5: Fingers - Are their fingers long or short?

Long fingers could work best with a large glove, whereas short fingers could work best with a small glove. We offer a collection of shorter-finger length gloves that provide a helpful option.

Question 6: Features – Do their hands have any unusual features?

Consider features (e.g., long nails, large rings or large knuckles due to arthritis) and determine if extra space is required in the glove to accommodate them.

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