Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch! She has passed the record set by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, by reigning for 63 years and seven months in total.

So, in keeping with this mood of royal celebration, we thought you might like to see one of our most prized possessions here in Dents Museum – the Queen’s Coronation glove.


Queen Elizabeth II's coronation glove 

The glove that is held in our museum, and Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation day on 2nd June 1953

This glove formed an important part of the Coronation ceremony. During the coronations of the British monarchy, the Sovereign’s right hand glove is removed when the coronation ring is put on. This ring, often referred to as ‘The Wedding Ring of England’ was worn by The Queen on the fourth finger of her right hand in accordance with tradition and signifies her commitment to her realm.

The glove we hold at Dents is the duplicate glove (which she would have tried on for size) which was made ready for her Coronation in 1953.  Two Coronation gloves were made (only one glove, on the right hand, is worn by the Monarch) just in case anything went wrong. Luckily it didn’t and she was crowned amidst awesome pageantry.

What do you think of this fascinating historical artifact?

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